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IUMS the Board of Trustees condemns the establishment of the cross-border sectarian militias

IUMS has end on Friday night, its fourth meeting of the Board of Trustees, which was held in Turkish city ‘Konya’, certainly on several positions, most notably the condemnation of the failed coup attempt witnessed by Turkey in the middle of last July, stressing on the stand of the  Union by the side of the legitimate government in Turkey.

And the mandate of Konya, central Turkey, has hosted a meeting of the IUMS, by attending 63 scholars from 25 countries, for the period between 3 to 5 August.

In the final statement of the Union, which was read by the Secretary-General Ali Qara Daghi, "We condemn the attempted coup, and we stand by the legitimate government, and that this attempt did not targeted Turkey only, but also targeting the entire Muslim world."

 Qara Dagi lightened that "the Union was the first international organizations that have condemned and denounced and continues to denounce this failed fascism attempt, and was an attempt that was never in favor of the Republic of Turkey and the region and the Islamic nation and its interests, but it is an attempt to sabotage and demolition."

And the IUMS saluted "the wonderful and inspiring attitude of the Turkish people in the defense of freedom and democracy will and widely accepted method for judging and choosing the ruling in their country."

And called on the international community to "the irreversibility support the free and democratic practices, particularly in Islamic countries and Turkey," asserting that "no true support for military coups that come on the freedoms of the people and their dreams and their hopes and their wealth."

The statement also denounced that "sedition, which lies in the Islamic countries by foreign hands, or sectarian where Muslims are killed and their symptoms were violated and destroy their properties, these crimes are not just crimes but become genocide", citing what happens in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, and Libya, Myanmar and Central Africa, calling Islamic countries and the free global conscience to "strive hard to stop these tragedies, and bloodshed and to enable people to live in safety."

Union denounced also "Shipping Policy and sectarian crowd, which exceeded the limits of penetration propaganda and ideological polarization, (to move) to establish a militia fighter against nations, peoples and doctrines who have different views, pointing to the situation in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Yemen.

On the other hand, the Union full support the Murabitoun and Morabitat in Al-Aqsa Mosque, denouncing "the crimes of the Zionist occupation of the frequent attacks on Al-Aqsa and the congregation, and the people of Al-Quds, and executions field of Palestinian citizens, including children and women, and the demolition of houses, and the revenge of relatives of martyrs and prisoners and Morabitoun" He also rejected the policy of settlements (on Palestinian land) practiced by Israel.

On the Syrian issue, the statement pointed out, that Syria is under international conspiracies the making (organization) "Daash" (terrorist) and sponsorship and hegemony over the country's decision, stressing that the Syrian regime that kills its people constitutes terrorism source that will not end as long as it is caused by standing, calling on factions Syrian opposition to unite.

TheUnion also called on "countries that still supports the Syrian regime to abandon his support, and invited them to stand by the Syrian people and the opposition, and the Liberals of the sons of Syria, who are interested in national liberation."


Final Statement of the Fourth Meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Union at its fourth session 2014 - 2018



Final Statement of the Fourth Meeting for the Board of Trustees of the IUMS at its fourth session in 2014 – 2018 in Konya city of the Republic of Turkey


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