Member of the International Union of Muslim Scholars Dr Samia Raheel Qazi is among 50 most influential women in Pakistan

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Member of the International Union of Muslim Scholars Dr Samia Raheel Qazi is among 50 most influential women in Pakistan, by the Jang Media based on the most successful women in all fields.

 Dr. Samia Qazi had a PhD in Family institution. She is the only female member of Council of Islamic Ideology Pakistan and former Member of the National Assembly. She is President, Asian Region, of International Muslim Women Union, an NGO Chartered by the United Nations Organization bearing Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) statues- the largest consortium representing Muslim Women from 70 Countries. She serves in various initiatives and organizations to serve women across the country and the world.

International Ambassador AL- Khidmat Foundation Pakistan, and a Member of the board of Trustees “KHAWATEEN TRUST” which provides Micro Credit Schemes for Women. Trustee of Global Association of Muslim Women, not to mention Director Foreign Affairs (Jamaat – e- Islami Women Wing).

Not to mention that Dr. Samia Raheel Qazi joined the Union in 2018 and she participated in the last General Assembly that was held in Istanbul

Samia said: From the very early days of my life, my parents arranged a tutor at home, who used to teach me Quran as well as Arabic, Persian   and English. I got an environment where piles of books were the sights to be seen and discussions of ideas and movements were the sounds to be heard.


Knowledge and enriched social values were something I inherited before I could inherit anything else from my parents. Right from very beginning of my formal schooling, I , being raised in a family  having had great respect for freedom of expression and self-actualization, was fond of putting my opinion on issues of social and political concerns, ultimately helped me  excel my potential as an orator.


I started my early education from North West Frontier Province (KPK)  and I was lucky to get enrolled for education in three of the four  provinces, which gave me an opportunity to understand other regional cultures and languages  and  look at the issues in their context. Students politics is the nursery of building future political leadership of any state. I was lucky to be an alumni and Secretary General of the Students Union of Lahore College University, a famous Asian institute for women education. 


I got bachelor degree (graduation) from Punjab university, one of the oldest university of Indian subcontinent, while completed my post-graduation studies (Master) from Baluchistan University with colors.  I started my doctorate from Brigham Young University, a private research university in Provo, Utah, United States and obtained PhD from Punjab University, focusing my research study on Family System in Islam & Contemporary Challenges. I completed National Security course from the renowned military university of Pakistan, National Defense University Islamabad.