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An International Union of Muslim Scholars (IUMS) released a statement following the announcement of US President Donald Trump’s Middle East plan, describing it as an attempt at an “eradication war” and demands that everyone stand against this decision

“The Union is closely following what is happening in the world and the consequent show of force and its exploitation, and is surprised, just as everyone was surprised, by the announcement of US President Trump’s alleged peace plan in the Middle East,” the IUMS said in an official statement following the announcement of the deal.

“The Union calls on all the free people of the world to oppose this eradication war by all means possible,” the statement read.

The IUMS was established in 2004 and was founded by the Islamic scholar al-Qaradawi. Since November 7, 2018, Ahmed Raissouni, a Moroccan Professor of Islamic Jurist, successive al-Qaradawi as president of the IUMS.

Recently The IUMS has condemned the high-delegation visit by the Mecca-based Muslim World League (MWL) to the Nazi Auschwitz concentration camp in Poland. The IUMS called the visit “an expression of unacceptable normalization with Israel”

The peace plan unveiled by Trump and touted by his administration as the “Deal of the Century” prompted reactions from world leaders and governments around the world.

The European Union’s top diplomat said after the announcement of the plan that the bloc remains “firm and united” behind the quest for a negotiated two-state peace deal between Israel and the Palestinians.

For its part, the Arab League rejected the plan, calling it “unfair” to Palestinians.