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A delegation of members of the Board of Trustees offers condolences to the Mufti of Syria for the earthquake victims.

A large delegation of members of the Board of Trustees, headed by the Deputy Chairman of the Union, His Excellency Dr. Sheikh Issam Al Bashir, visited the Mufti of Syria, His Excellency Sheikh Osama Al-Rifai, in Istanbul to express their solidarity with the Syrian people in general, and the victims of the earthquake in particular. The delegation presented their condolences on behalf of the Union's presidency, secretariat, and members, and expressed their solidarity and support for the Syrian people. The delegation included His Eminence Sheikh Abdulwahab Aikenji, Sheikh Abdulhay Youssef, Sheikh Omar Gouroukmaz, Sheikh Wasfi Ashour, Sheikh Jamal Abdul Sattar, and Dr. Nawaf Takroori.

The Union delegation offered their support, solidarity, and condolences to the earthquake victims and the Syrian people. They prayed to God to have mercy on the martyrs and heal the wounded, and for our people in Syria to overcome this ordeal peacefully.

The Mufti of Syria, Al-Rifai, praised this kind gesture from the International Union of Muslim Scholars and thanked the delegation members for their gracious visit, solidarity, and condolences to the Syrian people.



The Union offers condolences on the passing of Dato' Ali Al-Yafie, the first religious advisor to four Indonesian presidents.


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