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Secretary-General Meets with Senegalese Association of Imams and Scholars' President to Bolster Institutional Collaboration.

DOHA, Qatar - Sheikh Dr. Ali Al-Qaradaghi, Secretary-General of the World Union for Muslim Scholars, welcomed Sheikh Ahmed Gueye, the head of the National Association of Imams and Scholars of Senegal, to his Doha office on Saturday, September 16.

At the outset, Sheikh Ahmed Gueye expressed his gratitude to the World Union for their commendable support of initiatives promoting moderation, centrality, and service to Islam and Muslims. He also detailed the activities, objectives, and the situation of Muslims in Senegal, highlighting the purpose and history of the association he leads.

Dr. Al-Qaradaghi praised the association and emphasized the significance of future collaboration, especially concerning the training and qualification of scholars and outreach activities.

The National Association of Imams and Scholars was established post Senegal's independence from colonial rule, kickstarting its operations in the 1980s. With a membership of over 50,000 scholars, teachers, and preachers, and 14 branches across the country, the association aims to enhance Islamic work, raise awareness about Islam, counter Christian proselytism, and address misconceptions about the Islamic faith.

Senegal, located in West Africa, has a population of over 16 million. Islam is the predominant religion, with Muslims making up 94% of the total population.

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