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The head of the union participates in the fourth conference of the World Islamic Forum for Parliamentarians titled: 'Parliamentary Work and the Palestinian Issue.'

The fourth conference of the World Islamic Forum for Parliamentarians was held in Istanbul, Turkey, under the theme Parliamentary Work and the Palestinian Issue in a New World" from November 20th to 25th last year.

The conference saw the participation of 150 parliamentarians representing 18 Arab and Islamic countries.

During the opening session, Dr. Salem Saqaf Al-Jifri, the President of the World Union of Muslim Scholars, delivered a speech that focused on parliamentary work and the Palestinian issue.

Additionally, Dr. Abdulmajid Manasrah, the President of the Forum, and Mr. Khaled Meshaal, the Head of the Political Bureau of the Palestinian Resistance Movement - Hamas, delivered speeches during the opening session.

The session also featured several speeches by representatives from the League of Parliamentarians for Jerusalem and the Justice and Democracy Forum.

Furthermore, representatives from the Turkish, Libyan, Jordanian, and Kuwaiti parliaments made contributions emphasizing the importance of supporting the Palestinian cause.

Announcement of the Family Alliance

The conference witnessed the launch of the "Young Parliamentarians" foundation and the announcement of the Family Alliance, which brings together the World Islamic Forum for Parliamentarians, the World Union of Muslim Scholars, the Union of Muslim Councils of Europe, the World Islamic Forum for Women and Families, and the Union of Civil Organizations in the Islamic World, with the aim of promoting and protecting the role of the family.

The Aqsa Flood

The conference included political and intellectual seminars that addressed topics such as "The Palestinian Issue in the New World," "The Implications of the Aqsa Flood within the Liberation Project," and "Exploring the Future of the Palestinian Issue After the Aqsa Flood."

The participants also engaged in workshops covering the following topics: "Strategies of Political Communication," "Financial Policy: Industry, Analysis, and Evaluation," and "Tools for Reform and Combating Corruption in Parliamentary Work," in collaboration with the organization "Arab Parliamentarians Against Corruption."

Additionally, discussions revolved around "The Role of Parliamentarians in Supporting Gaza and Confronting Normalization," "Enhancing Economic Performance in Parliamentary Work," "How Parliamentarians Can Contribute to Lifting the Siege on Gaza and Its Reconstruction," and "Activating, Directing, and Appreciating Economic Boycotts Against Supporters of the Zionist Entity


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