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Fans of the Scottish football club Celtic express their solidarity with Palestine and denounce the Israeli assault on Gaza.

Celtic Football Club supporters persist in their backing for the Palestinian cause, voicing their objection to Israeli hostilities by displaying banners that demand "an end to genocide and the cessation of Zionism" during their Scottish Premiership match against Kilmarnock last Saturday.


The footage shared on social media platforms showcased the solidarity from the stands with Palestine, particularly with the Gaza Strip, as a significant portion of the "Celtic Park" stadium was dedicated to hoisting Palestinian flags and anti-war banners.


The expansive banners unfurled during the game bore messages urging the cessation of genocide, emphasizing support for the dismantling of Zionism, sparking widespread interaction from viewers and fans across social networking sites.


For years, Celtic's fan base has been prominently supporting the Palestinian cause, consistently showcasing Palestinian flags during the team's home matches, whether in local leagues or European contests.







IUMS condemns the Zionist aggression on Gaza and praises the solidarity of the Islamic and free peoples with the Palestinian cause


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