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IUMS calls for the world to stand with the right of Rohingya Muslims in the life and condemns their exterminated under the sight of the world


 IUMS following the unfortunate events that exposed the Muslims of Rohingya in Myanmar, and the silence and the Islamic World is unfortunate, to destroy them under the sight of the whole world, and calls on Muslims all over the world and all advocates of human freedom to stand with these oppressed and to support them and support their right to a decent life, which deprives them the sectarians of their home. Allah Almighty says: {so the believers are brothers}. The Prophet of Islam, peace be upon him in the agreed Hadeeth says: "The Muslim is brother to the Muslim, he does not oppress him nor betray him,"


Union confirms the authenticity of the Islamic presence in this region, which is evidenced by history where Islam entered Burma by "Arakan" by Arab traders in the era of the Abbasid Caliph Harun al-Rashid, without any military activity; rather, Islam were spread by the congenital characteristics of Muslims that they had, and to the generosity of Islam and the strength of the religious and moral foundations, which are consistent with human nature, and that endearment for people to enter into it easily.


Union Commending the statement of the Islamic Cooperation Organization recently issued demanding to stop violence immediately in Myanmar, and called on government authorities to stop these heinous acts, and allow the introduction of relief aid to the victims, it is during the follow-up of recent events experienced by these Muslims oppressed, and through these fanatics’ attacks, who reject the Islamic presence in Myanmar, seeking to deny the Rohingya Muslims of the right to life, the IUMS:


· The Union calls for Arab and Islamic governments to take a more assertive diplomatic positions with the Government of Myanmar on the suffering of the Muslims there to kill and slaughter and displacement. And try to put pressure on them to stop the sinful attacks for Muslims, and the preservation of their lives and property; taking the Government of Malaysia, and the of Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak strong decision against aggressors’ fanatics, and congratulate him on this brave decision, which represents the strength of Islam, in the face of tyranny.


· The Union urge the Islamic, Arab and international relief organizations to provide various relief aid to those in distress.


· The Union appeals the consciences of governments and international organizations to interact with what's going on with the Rohingya Muslims, and stop the silence in front of what they are subjected to, from murder and torture and displacement, with the authorities' refusal to grant them the right to be present in their country, which they grew up in.


· The Union announce next Friday a Friday anger of what is happening to our poor brothers in Myanmar and calls for imams to galvanize the Muslims all over the world to support the Rohingya Muslims, and confirmation of their right to a decent life and respect for beliefs.



{Oh you who believe if help Allah He will help you, and make your foothold firm}


Mr. Dr. Yusuf Al-Qaradawi                                                         Mr. Dr. Ali Muhiuddin Qara Daghi

           IUMS President                                                                                 General Secretary


The Union mourns the Egyptian Sheikh preacher Abdul Rahman Mahmoud El-Masri


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