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Condemning the visit of Owang to Iran: The visit by Vice President of the Union to Iran do not reflect the IUMS


IUMS - represented by the President of the Union Dr. Yusuf al-Qaradawi and the General Secretary Dr. Ali Qara Dagi - strongly condemns the visit of Sheikh Abdul Hadi Owang; the vice president of IUMS, and the President of the Islamic Party of Malaysia recently to Iran.


 IUMS wonders the timing of this visit, at a time when Iran is doing her brutal and deadly role against our people in Aleppo especially, and in Syria in General, in addition to its role and ambitions in the region, including Iraq and Yemen.


 In addition to the condemn of the Union about this visit at this time it considered it an unacceptable visit from one of the officials, and it express only those who did it, and it is expected from the Sheikh Owang to review himself on this visit, which were not successful, not only in the timing, and in its place!

The Union as it works for Islamic unity of the nation, it takes a clear stance against sectarianism ambitions carried out by Iran on the one hand, do not forget about the course of events in the Islamic nation, and the rivers of blood that is flowing in Aleppo, and the millions of dead and wounded, prisoners and displaced Syrians everywhere .




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